Brazilian Bullseyes are on target

Warwick & Warwick auctioneers, who oversaw the sale of the first ever Postal Order last week, have a sale of rare stamps coming up next month which includes several interesting pieces.

These include a large leather-bound album with American issues for issues up to 1913 including useful ranges of British North America estimated at £2,000.

Some of the best lots in the auction, however, are Brazilian - two in particular:

A set of Brazilian stamps spanning most of the 20th century may well be the top lot, with a guide price of £4,200. However, it is a smaller collection of Brazilian rare stamps which contain some of the earliest stamps made.

Brazilian Bulleyes were first issued in August 1843, and were the fourth type of stamp in the world. Britain's Penny Black and Twopenny Blue came first, then the New York Dispatch in 1841 and the Fours and Sixes of Zurich in March 1843.

However, the Bullseyes may have been the second ever to have been conceived, as the Brazilian government authorised the creation of stamps back in 1841.

Brazilian Bullseyes early rare stamps
Brazilian Bullseyes from the collection


Here a collection, expected to bring around £2,500 includes 1843 Bulls Eye with values of 30r (2), 60r (6) and 90r (4) in various states of wear alongside 1844-46 Goats Eye with values of 10r (5), 30r (3), 60r, 90r (2) and 300r. Various examples of the 1850 Black Numeral are also included.

The auction takes place in Warwick, UK on March 3.


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