'Occupied Japan' is #1 for collectors

A leading expert on antiques has compiled a fascinating list of the most popular collectibles internet searches in January, 2010.

Japanese representatives surrender
Japan on September 2, 1945

The findings are based on 100,000s of searches on one of the internet's most popular antiques and collectibles price guides.

Fascinatingly, the most popular search on the list is "Occupied Japan".

Japan's occupation by the Allied Powers after World War Two was not only the most popular search last month, it also dominated the search engines throughout 2009.

This foreign presence marked the first time in its history that Japan had been occupied by a foreign power, following such events as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The occupation lasted until the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty on September 8, 1951

Otherwise, the list of popular searches was as follows (values in brackets show the search's popularity last month):

  1. Occupied Japan (1)
  2. Stove (2)
  3. Silver-plate (3)
  4. Jewelry (4)
  5. Copeland Spode (6)
  6. Capo Di Monte (5)
  7. Furniture (New)
  8. Bossons (New)
  9. Royal Bayreuth (New)
  10. Knife (9)

The list was compiled by Terry Kovels, author of more than 97 books on collecting and antiques.

Collectors can use price guides for a number of reasons - usually to determine the value of an item, but also to plan future buys for their collection.

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