Mick Jagger’s velvet trousers offered at RR Auction

A pair of velvet trousers gifted by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to psych-country star Gram Parsons could make in excess of $10,000 at RR Auction.

The lot will be among the stars of a music memorabilia sale that runs from February 9-16.

Gram Jagger trousers

Gram Parsons moved in with the Rolling Stones in 1968

Jagger and Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards both wore the green velvet slacks. They gave them to Parsons, who arrived in London with the Byrds in 1968.

Parsons objected to a proposed tour of apartheid South Africa and moved in with the Stones, with whom he’d recently become acquainted.

They soon became firm friends.  

Pamela Des Barres explained in a biography of Parsons: “Gram and Keith were kind of in love.

“I’m sure they never did anything physical, but they had this incredible mutual admiration society.

“They understood each other and wanted to take parts of each other and make them their own…

“They took different pieces of clothing from each other and traded. Gram started wearing makeup like Keith and Keith started wearing Nudie bells. It was incredible to watch.”

The trousers are accompanied by photos of all three men wearing them (although not at the same time).

Parsons would die in Joshua Tree National Park, US in 1973, following a morphine overdose. He’s still celebrated as a pioneering figure in the development of country rock.

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