Scarce Jimi Hendrix-signed poster to beat $20,000?

A Jimi Hendrix Experience colour poster, signed by the three members of the band, auctions next month.

While signed music posters don't usually make our front page, this one's different.

And it's all because of its rarity.

Jimi Hendrix poster

Hendrix had just three years in the spotlight

Jimi Hendrix died aged just 27. He was famous for just four of those years. That's just four years of signing autographs and just 27 years signing his name at all.

Which makes his signature scarce today.

And it makes pieces of this calibre rare birds indeed. Because here Hendrix's signature is joined by his two bandmates'.

Jimi, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell signed the 32.25 x 21.5 colour poster, removed from Pop Foto magazine, for a fan outside Berlin's Kempinski Hotel in 1969 following a concert in the city.

"Given the band's scarcity across all formats, a fully signed Jimi Hendrix Experience poster serves as a true musical rarity and a must-have for all serious Hendrix collectors," explains auctioneer RR Auction.

The poster auctions with a $20,000+ estimate at the company's Marvels of Modern Music sale that ends on February 16.

Also on offer are several pieces of memorabilia connected with 70s punk group the Ramones.

Items include Joey Ramone's US passport (estimated at $10,000+) and his Kurosawa Marine Rider guitar, which has an $8,000+ valuation.

Keeping with the punk theme, though on the other side of the Atlantic, Clash frontman Joe Strummer's handwritten lyrics to All the Young Punks is expected to make $15,000+.

The auction will also feature these astonishing trousers.

Have you seen this unique piece of Hendrix memorabilia you can buy at Paul Fraser Collectibles?

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