Elvis Presley concert poster realises $19,000

One of Elvis Presley’s earliest known concert posters sold for $18,750 at Graceland Auctions over the weekend.

The hand-painted bill dates to 1954, just as Elvis was beginning his breakneck rise to fame.

The show took place at the Eagle’s Nest, a bar upstairs from Memphis’ Clearpool entertainment centre.  

Eagles Nest Elvis

The Eagle's Nest was a formative venue for Elvis 

While it’s a long way from the enormous concert halls Elvis would be playing a couple of years on, it was here he developed his trademark sound and stage presence.

He played there 16 times in 1954. Legions of young fans would turn up to watch him perform.

The auction house comments: “This amazingly rare survivor from the club where Elvis’ legend was launched perfectly captures the spirit of the scene from one of the most formative years in Elvis’ career.

“One of the earliest known Elvis concert posters, it is fortunate that the handwritten instructions ‘Don’t Throw Out’ that appear on the reverse were followed so that this important piece of Elvis history could be preserved.”

Meanwhile a pair of chrome Grand Prix shades, featuring Elvis’ “EP” and “TCB” (Taking Care of Business) logos, realised $17,500.

Elvis gifted them to his karate instructor and bodyguard, Ed Parker. You might have noticed both men shared the same initials. Elvis delighted in giving Parker pieces with his EP motif.

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