1962 Beatles master tape to exceed $153,500 at Ted Owen?

A 1962 master tape of the Beatles recorded in a Hamburg strip club is to auction at Ted Owen & Co in London on March 26.

The lot is expected to exceed £100,000 ($153,540).

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The Beatles were high on speed when they recorded the tapes

Larry Grossberg, founder of a business management agency, is consigning the tapes. They were remastered and released as an album in 1977.

The Beatles themselves were not thrilled by the release.

John Lennon reportedly agreed to the recording while somewhat worse for wear, leading George Harrison to argue in court that "one drunken person recording another bunch of drunks does not constitute a business deal."

At the time the band were taking Preludin, a form of medical grade speed readily available in Germany in the 1960s, with the result that most of the songs are played absurdly fast.

Grossberg the Guardian: "This is one of the few times where you have them playing cover tunes of artists that they love.

"There are peculiar ones that you would never expect them to do, such as Your Feet's Too Big [Fats Waller].

"It's kind of whimsical. At that time they had the liberty to choose the type of songs they wanted to do. Frank Sinatra would never go out and sing Your Feet's Too Big."

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