Star Wars X-Wing fighter expected to reach $250,000

A miniature Star Wars X-Wing fighter used on the set of Episode IV: A New Hope is selling at Profiles in History.

The lot comes from the collection of chief model maker Grant McCune, who was awarded an Oscar for his visual effects.

Star Wars fighter
The fighter was used in the climactic assault on the Death Star

It's constructed from a range of materials, including resin and polystyrene, and has been painted to appear battle scarred.

The auction house explains that the model is in fact a composite: "Due to the extreme time constraints, when a model was blown up, surviving components were reused to create additional craft."

It appeared in the climactic scene depicting the assault on the Death Star.

The lot is valued at $150,000-250,000 ahead of the July 1 auction in Hollywood.

Another X-Wing from Episode IV: A New Hope sold for $225,000 in a 2012 sale at Profiles in History.

A T-800 costume Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in Terminator 2: Judgment Day is also offered, with an estimate of $120,000-150,000.

It includes a rubber Winchester Model 1887 shotgun that Schwarzenegger uses in various action sequences.  

It's presented on an animatronic display and is described as "likely the finest Arnold Schwarzenegger screen used ensemble from the Academy Award-winning film."

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