Elizabeth Taylor romper suit to make $75,000?

The blue and white romper suit that actress Elizabeth Taylor wore during a crucial scene in the hit equestrian film that propelled her to stardom, 1944's National Velvet, is to auction at Nate D Sanders on June 27.

Elizabeth Taylor romper suit
Taylor not only wore this romper suit, but wore it on her horse, The Pie

Estimated to be worth $50,000-75,000, Taylor wore the one-piece romper during a pivotal scene in National Velvet, as she races her horse, The Pie, at breakneck speed with aplomb.

Taylor was cast to play Velvet Brown - a young girl who fulfils her dream of riding her horse to victory in the Grand National - aged just 12.

During filming, Taylor, whose complex legacy is diamond-studded with personal dramas, was thrown from The Pie, badly injuring her back.

It is thought that the star's well-documented addiction to pain killers developed as a direct result of the accident, as she sought respite from the back pain that plagued her throughout her life.

Nate D Sanders comments: "It's an incredible, once in a lifetime piece. Not only did Elizabeth Taylor wear it before she became famous, in the movie that launched her career, but it appeared on-screen while she was riding her horse.

"It's one of the most valuable movie costumes ever to come to auction."

Later today, the actress' first wedding dress is to cross the auction block at Christie's.

Made by legendary costume designer Helen Rose, the dress is expected to make �50,000 ($75,500).

We currently have this authentic strand of Elizabeth Taylor's hair in stock, yours today for just �49.95.

For more on the Liz Taylor memorabilia market, see Paul Fraser Collectibles' Elizabeth Taylor top five.

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