Fidel Castro autograph

Fidel Castro’s autograph is one of the most popular on the market.  

But what’s driving this demand?

Let’s find out…

Outsize impact

Cuba is not a large country.

It’s around half the size of the UK.

Fidel Castro autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

But its position, just over 100 miles from the Florida coast, made it a key strategic player during the Cold War.

Without Castro, Cuba might not have held off American influence as long as it did. 

He was a master statesman who stayed popular among his people even as sanctions bit.

Unsurprisingly, he’s also a fascinating character.

His revolutionary origins, abrasive nature and quick wit make him an intriguing figure to study.  

Given his outsize influence on history, it’s no wonder the value of a quality signed photograph has increased 15.3% per annum since 2000.

Signatures are rare

Castro rarely signed autographs.

He was a target for assassination throughout the length of his rule.

Fidel Castro autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

There was no getting close to him unless you were extensively vetted by his security team.

Most autographs you’ll see for sale are official – certificates, bills and letters are the most common.

Signed photographs are extremely rare.

Most were gifted to visiting dignitaries or the party faithful and rarely come to auction.

This scarcity is backed up by huge demand.

Global appeal

Castro’s market is extremely widespread.

You’ll find buyers across Europe, Asia and the US.

Fidel Castro autograph(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

That’s a reflection of Castro’s singular impact.

Cuba was in the news throughout the 20th century, long after the nail-biting conclusion to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

For that you can thank Castro’s remarkable magnetism.  

When he spoke, people listened – even if they didn’t agree with what he had to say.

This has long made him a popular choice for investors.

Paul Fraser.

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