Wozniak-signed Apple-1 computer raises auction record by 4.9%

A Steve Wozniak-signed working example of the first Apple computer - the Apple-1 - has set a new world record at Auction Team Breker's May 25 auction of Science & Technology, Fine Toys and Automata in Cologne.

Apple-1 computer auction
Steve Wozniak's signature and extra documents launched this machine to a new world record

The early computer sold for $667,960, eclipsing the previous Apple-1 auction record of $636,323 - set at the same auction house in November 2012 - by 4.9%. The price represents a 72% increase on its $388,000 high estimate.

Prior to these sales, the world record had been previously set at Sotheby's in June 2012 at $374,500, demonstrating the continuing popularity and increasing value of these rare computers, of which there are thought to be just six operational examples.

The Apple-1 was produced in a limited run of just 200 in 1976, designed as one of the earliest affordable personal computers. Just 46 exist today.

The example at auction is especially sought after. In addition to being operational, it has also been signed by co-creator Steve Wozniak with his nickname, "Woz". It included its original manual, as well as a letter from Steve Jobs in which he offers the owner an upgrade for $400.

It also has an interface for a printer grafted onto it, making it unlike any other we have seen at auction so far.

Also featuring in the sale was a rare complete German Enigma machine, the cipher device that played a vital role in the second world war. Complete with its original case, it sold for $28,453.

In its February 2013 auction, our sister company PFC Auctions sold the box to an Enigma machine with a fantastic 188% increase on estimate. The latest sale is now open for bidding, take a look for yourself.

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