Reagan Steuben Glass eagle selling at PFC Auctions

A rare Steuben Glass eagle, gifted by President Ronald Reagan, is up for auction online with PFC Auctions.

Bidding on the rare piece of presidential memorabilia, contained in its original leather box, closes tomorrow (May 30).

Ronald Reagan Steuben Glass eagle
Personal Reagan memorabilia has sold well in the past

The item is selling for ?�2,600 ($3,909), although a flurry of bids is expected in the next 24 hours.

US presidents have given Steuben Glass items as gifts since Harry Truman began the tradition in 1947, when he presented Elizabeth II with a bowl as a wedding gift.

Eagles have become the most traditional Steuben gift from presidents, with Richard Nixon famously offering one to Soviet president Leonid Brezhnev at a meeting in 1972.

Reagan reserved the eagles for visiting heads of state, and his closest political associates.

He gave this example - among the first presidential Steuben eagles ever to appear at auction - to Joe M Rodgers, chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee, in 1981.

It is accompanied by a typed Reagan letter to Rodgers, handsigned "Ron".

New York State-based Steuben Glass ceased operations in 2011, after more than 100 years in business - ensuring the rarity of its presidential eagles for all time.

Ronald Reagan Steuben Glass Eagle
Reagan reserved Steuben Glass eagles for only his closest political friends, and visiting heads of state

Personal pieces of Reagan memorabilia have sold superbly in the past.

A 1977 handwritten signed letter made $18,000 at Heritage Auctions in 2011.

PFC Auctions' sale also features a Reagan-signed programme from a Republican Citizens Finance Committee of Indiana dinner.

Two pairs of shoes worn by Reagan's close political ally, Margaret Thatcher, are also appearing in the auction.

View the entire auction here.

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