Winston Churchill's Victory watch sells for $754,500

A Victory watch made for Winston Churchill in 1946 sold for ?�485,000 ($754,612) at Sotheby's London this morning.

The piece beat its estimate of ?�100,000 ($155,590) by 385%.

Churchill watch Sothebys
Churchill received the watch as a gift in 1946

It was made by renowned French watch maker Louis Cottier, alongside Agassiz and Co, and displays an enamel dial showing St George slaying the dragon.  

Inscribed "1939-Prime Minister Winston Spencer Churchill-1945", it's one of four such watches presented to each of the allied leaders by a group of high profile Swiss figures at the end of the war.  

Churchill reportedly treasured the watch until his death in 1965.  

Sotheby's explained prior to the sale: "Commissioned by a group of prominent Swiss citizens in acknowledgement of Churchill's strength and leadership during WWII, the watch was much treasured by Churchill.

"On receiving the watch in 1946, he wrote to thank the group for their 'superb gift', saying it would always remind him of their 'beautiful country' and 'friendly feelings'.

"He added: 'I admire so much the care and the quality with which this delicate example of craftsmanship and Swiss precision was realised.'"

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