Why Charles Lindbergh is still flying high on the collectibles markets



Crossing the Atlantic Ocean is still impressive today, despite all our modern technology.

So imagine how amazing a feat it was for Charles Lindbergh in 1927. He was just a humble air mail pilot when he become the first man to fly non-stop across the vast expanse of water in just 33-and-a-half hours.

Lindbergh flew his custom made plane, the Spirit of St Louis, from New York to Paris on May 20, covering a distance of 3,600 miles.

He achieved something which few thought was possible, akin to when Neil Armstrong later walked on the moon or when the sound barrier was first broken. Put simply, he was an American hero.

His accomplishment led to him becoming world famous. The French Foreign Office flew the American flag for him - the first time it had done so for someone other than a head of state. Lindbergh even had a stamp released to celebrate his achievement.

And, on this day, June 13, 84 years ago, he was given his own parade down 5th Avenue, New York.

Whenever somebody becomes as famous as Charles Lindbergh did in 1927, a legacy is left, and as such, items connected to the event and individual become valuable.

In 1999 a collection of rarities connected to Lindbergh sold for $178,000. Another unique item, a letter written by him after arriving in Paris, made $75,000 in 2002.

As the event passes in history and out of living memory, objects related to the significant accomplishment will become even more valuable as investments.

From more traditional pieces, like his autograph or signature, to incredibly rare collections, like original parts from his famous plane the Spirit of St Louis (pictured above), the market for Charles Lindbergh memorabilia is will continue to soar to new heights.



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