John Lennon, The Who and Jimi Hendrix memorabilia headlines Christie's

It is often said the 1960s was a golden period in musical history, when bands like The Beatles and The Who were still in their prime. Even though those days have sadly passed now, can they still live on thanks to the thriving memorabilia markets...

Christie's is about to sell a fantastic collection of items including pieces which belonged to John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townsend. Its popular culture auction takes place tomorrow, June 14, with hundreds of lots going under the hammer.

These items would be fantastic for any fan to own, but they would also make a great alternative investment for collectors...

The popularity of The Beatles is stronger than ever, and items which celebrate the band regularly sell for high amounts. Items auctioning include humorous sketches by frontman John Lennon, with each one valued at between $16,300-24,450.

Drawn in the band's early days, they were clearly very personal to Lennon. He drew them for Cynthia Powell, with whom he was in a relationship with at the time.


Humourous but 'intimate'... Lennon's sketches are valued at $24,450

Items connected to the band members, especially in such an intimate way, are always likely to be very highly sought after.

For those with a love of the guitar, the highlight of the sale is expected to be Pete Townsend's own Gibson Les Paul Deluxe which, as you would expect for a rock legend, is made to a very high quality.

Played on the American Quadrophenia tour in the early 1970s, this impressive instrument is valued at $32,600-48,900.

Jimi Hendrix became famous for his amazing guitar performances and onstage persona, and his enigmatic style is summed up perfectly by this pair of his black leather calf-length boots which he wore while playing gigs in New York.


Jimi Hendrix's wild persona is summed up by these $6,520 valued boots

Expected to sell for between $4,890-6,520, there is no better way of reliving his short career.

Other fantastic items John Entwistle's mahogany Alembic bass guitar which he played in 1976, valued at $32,600, and Marc Bolan's unique, flamboyant mint green jacket adorned with musical notes, estimated to sell for $11,410.

Those days of musical brilliance may be gone, but the memories still remain thanks to great memorabilia like this.



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