'Want last-minute Christmas gifts or advice? Then look no further...'


Who, exactly, are collectors?

Well, you are more likely to be male - although only by 10% (I'm basing this on research by Unity Marketing).

Which means you've probably left all your Christmas shopping until the last minute...

Of course, I am stereotyping here. But - in all seriousness - if you're still looking for great Christmas gifts, then we have some very rare and unique items for sale.

So, as Christmas and Festive cheer loom upon us, here are some last-minute present ideas from Paul Fraser Collectibles (click on the images below to find out more)...

Each of these items comes with free insured delivery and a Certificate of Authenticity. Also, follow this link to learn more about our unique 120% Guarantee.

Daniel Craig signed photograph (PF188)

Here in the UK, it's often said that Christmas's TV schedule isn't complete unless they show the 1963 classic Steve McQueen film, The Great Escape.

But the same can also be said of James Bond. Whether Dad is a James Bond fanatic or Mum has a crush on Daniel Craig, this rare signed autograph by Craig, as Quantum of Solace-era bond, is a great and affordable stocking filler. We have it for sale priced at just £175.

The Who, signed group photo (PF52)

So-called "baby boomers" are among the world's biggest collectors. What do I mean by baby boomers? Well, they are the generation who were born after the World War Two, and are old enough to have been affected by things like Beatlemania, the Moon landings and JFK's assassination.

And also 1969's legendary Woodstock festival, whose famous performances included British rockers The Who in their prime. While Beatles memorabilia can sell for millions at auction, The Who's memorabilia is a lot more affordable.

This is a great gift idea for Mum, Dad, or even a younger person in your family who loves rock 'n' roll. This photograph is signed by all the original Who members - even Keith Moon! - and is for sale priced at just £395.

Tiger Woods (1975-) autographed PGA Tour cap (PF21)

Tiger Woods had a rough time in 2011, both on and off the golf course. But the former World #1 golfer remains one of the most successful players of all time - and also one of the rarest and most valued autographs on the markets.

Among the best Tiger Woods buys we have for sale include this autographed PGA Tour cap priced at £1,750 ($2,890).

Not a bad buy - especially considering that the value of a Tiger Woods signed photograph has increased by 133.3% over the last 11 years according to the PFC40 Autograph Index.

Winnie the Pooh signed drawing by E.H. Shepard (PF422)

Here's a gift idea which appeals to anyone's sense of childhood nostalgia: a beautiful drawing depicting Winnie the Pooh carrying his trademark honey pot. It measures 4" x 3".

Drawings of Pooh bear by his creator E.H. Shepard remain extremely popular with collectors, and with "nostalgia investors". And they can sell for loads at auction. A pencil drawing, showing Pooh, Tigger and Piglet sitting around a table, auctioned for £31,000 in 2008.

This, according to Sotheby's, "demonstrated the world-wide appeal of Winnie the Pooh." Meanwhile, we have this rare drawing by E.H. Shepard for sale priced at £25,000.

Drew Barrymore autographed photograph (PF133)

One of your younger friends or relatives may have Drew Barrymore on their bedroom wall. So how about buying them this autographed photograph, signed by Ms Barrymore's own fair hands? We have this piece for sale priced at just £100.

Madonna (1958-) - Risqué basque worn by the material girl (PF272)

What's one of the best things about collectibles? Their sheer variety. You're not just limited to autographs - there is a wealth of unique stuff out there. Like this risqué basque worn by the Material Girl herself, Madonna.

The piece dates to 1993's The Girlie Show World Tour, and we have it for sale priced at a relatively low £15,000 (low considering the prices stage-worn Madonna pieces can bring at auction).

Also bear in mind that, as reflected in the PFC40 Autograph Index, Madonna's autograph has increased in value by 153.3% since 2000. Stage-worn costumes are even more valued.

Dam Buster Guy Gibson's autograph (PF327)

Bearing in mind that Victoria Cross medals have sold for up-to £1.5m at auction, what should you look for if you want to buy your loved one a great piece of war memorabilia - but don't have millions to spend?

Here's great example. An autograph signed by war hero and VC winner Guy Gibson, leader of the legendary Dam Busters squadron.

This fine ink signature, "Guy P Gibson, W/C," is marked on a small 2.5" x 1" feint ruled page perhaps clipped from a log book. A perfect gift for Dad or Grandad, we have this for sale price at £6,950.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

These are just a few of the great items you could buy for your loved ones this Christmas - or consider investing in during the New Year. If you'd like more ideas for great Christmas presents...

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All the best, and have a great Christmas!



Paul Fraser


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