Caille upright slot machine leads antique mechanical collectibles at auction

As we've reported, Government Auction of California will be hosting its seventh annual New Year's sale, which features rare gold coins, fine jewellery and art.

The likely top gold coin we've already mentioned: the 1795 gold eagle coin.

Then there are the antique music machines. Collectors specialising in such machines are of course looking forward to the auction of the world famous Milhous collection, which contains huge orchestrions and even a carousel. But for those who can't wait, or just with smaller budgets, this sale has some choice pieces:

For starters, it will include a 1940s Rock-Ola jukebox in the line-up. The classic jukebox plays 78 RPM records and exudes visual appeal with its colourful, illuminating Art Deco façade. It is expected to sell for a very reasonable $5,100-$10,200.

Two early forms of mechanical musical entertainment will be available to bidders as well. There's a rare Polyphon music box in immaculate condition which carries an estimate of $10,500-$21,000; while a Regina upright music box in mint condition and accompanied by 15 discs may climb much higher, and is listed at $57,000-$114,000.

Caille upright 5-cent slot machine
The attractive Caille upright 5-cent slot machine

From the same general timeframe as the mechanical music machines, a Caille upright 5-cent slot machine is richly decorative, with a copper marquee, front plates, paw feet and additional trim to its handsome oak body.

A stunning work of art - and great entertainment unless you lose the 1795 eagle in it - its target price is $66,000-$132,000.

Jewellery collectors should watch out for the truly exquisite necklaces entered in the auction. A design in 18K yellow and white gold features 35 emeralds with a total weight of 19.02 carats and 288 diamonds having a total weight of 7.20 carats.

The Gemological Laboratory of America has valued the necklace at $86,419. It carries a presale estimate of $43,000-$86,000.

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