Vladimir Putin puppet could sell for millions at Auction Team Breker

An unsettling puppet of Vladimir Putin signing the "Treaty of Acceptance of the Republic of Crimea in to the Russian Federation" has been consigned to Auction Team Breker's November 14-15 sale in Germany.

The black-eyed automaton signs the treaty using a quill pen, with its movement powered by an elaborate system of cogs and pulleys.

Standing 20-inches tall, it was created by Swiss puppet maker Christian Bailly, whose past works have sold for as much as $6m. The estimate for the Putin puppet has not yet been released.

The treaty was signed in March 2014, after a staggering 96.7% of Crimeans voted for reunification with the Russian Federation during a referendum. All EU countries and many others considered the referendum illegitimate, with some stating that both choices would have resulted in separation from Ukraine.

Putin has become something of an internet celebrity during his time in power, with the famous images of him riding topless on horseback and performing judo now turning into popular "memes".

He is also fast becoming popular with collectors, who recognise his status as a controversial political figure. The PFC40 Autograph Index shoes that the value of his signature has risen by 25% in the past year, but prices remain low.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a great range of (less disturbing) political memorabilia for sale.

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