Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list reveals collector favourites

Forbes has released its 2014 list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, revealing a strong correlation with the collectibles market.

The 'King of Pop' reigns supreme, with his posthumous albums bringing new collectors to the market

The list reads as follows:

1. Michael Jackson - $160m
2. Elvis Presley - $55m
3. Charles Schulz - $37m
4. Elizabeth Taylor - $25m
5. Bob Marley - $18m
6. Marilyn Monroe - $15m
7. John Lennon - $12m
8. Albert Einstein - $10m
9. Betty Page - $10m
10. Theodore Geisel - $9m

These names are some of the most collectible in the world, with only Betty Page and Bob Marley among the second tier.

The list provides a great indication of the most popular figures for those looking to invest in collectibles, with their earnings proof of their enduring popularity with the public.

The continuing franchises of these celebrities constantly refresh public memory, bringing new collectors to the market for their memorabilia.

Interestingly, Michael Jackson earns far more than the top living celebrity, Madonna, whose earnings come in at $125m. Both stars are highly collectible, with a group of Madonna costumes due to sell at Julien's Auctions in November.

This can also be seen in the collecting world, where values and demand for dead celebrities often exceed the living. Collectors can be (almost) sure that the reputations of dead celebrities will remain in tact, while those still alive could sully their name, wiping thousands off the value of their memorabilia.

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