Titanic Olympia telegrams valued at $6,000 with Charles Miller Ltd

A set of three telegrams or Marconigrams sent from the Olympic regarding the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912 are valued at ?�3,000-3,500 ($4,972-5,800) ahead of a sale at Charles Miller Ltd.

Marconigrams Titanic Charles Miller
The messages were sent from the Olympia after the Titanic went down

The messages are typed in purple ink on official Marconigram stationery. They highlight the desperate attempts to reach the stricken ship before the survivors were lost. They read as follows:

7.45am To ISMAY, NEW YORK "Since midnight when her position was 41.46 N 50.14 W have been unable to communicate we are now 310 miles from her. I am under FULL POWER... COMMANDER"

7.50am "Captain Asian. Can you give me any information TITANIC and is any ships standing by her COMMANDER"

4.40pm Franklin Ismay New York "Inexpressible sorrow Am proceeding straight on voyage Carpathia informs me no hope in searching Will send names of survivors as obtainable YAMSI on CARPATHIA HADDOCK"

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