Titanic first class menu saved in a handbag speeds into British auction

As we've often reported, some collectors specialist in Titanic memorabilia, from letters written by those on board through any items carried by them - even items made from Titanic driftwood.

Now a British auctioneer with experience of selling items from the ill-fated White Star Line vessel is once more offering two classic pieces of memorabilia (that it's confirmed so far).

Firstly, there is a set of keys: The Titanic's Lamp Trimmer and Storekeeper Keys to be precise. The auctioneer has previously sold a set of first class toilet keys for £43,000

Regular readers will be aware that perhaps the most coveted piece of Titanic memorabilia available anywhere is the key which would have allowed access to Titanic's binocular case. Accidentally transferred off the ship with a crewman, it might have made all the difference on the night.

First class Titanic menu
First class Titanic menu

If anything, the other item is causing even more excitement: This is a first class menu carried off the ship by one of the survivors in her handbag. Ruth Dodge was lucky in that not only did she survive but her husband did too, despite the 'women and children first' policy. First class passengers stood a better chance.

Why exactly she carried it off is unknown, but the auctioneer believes it could sell for £60,000-100,000 in the March 31 auction in Devizes, Wiltshire.

The menu makes interesting comparative reading with the third class menu rescued by Sarah Roth, which was sold for $44,650 in 2005 at Bonhams.

Watch this space for more news of this intriguing auction.




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