Star Wars FX-7 Medical Droid toy brings $11,500 to Vectis Auctions

An unsuspecting Palitoy FX-7 Medical Droid toy from Star Wars found itself at the centre of a bidding war at Vectis Auctions' February 18-19 sale in the UK.

FX-7 Medical Droid Palitoy Star Wars
THe FX-7 Medical Droid isn't normally worth ?�7,000, but the toys are rare and collectors will do anything to complete their collections

The toy was valued at just ?�50, but cruised to ?�7,000 ($11,681) as two collectors proved determined to have it as part of their collection.

Also starring was a Palitoy Imperial Commander toy from the same collection, which made ?�3,000 ($5,006), while Luke Skywalker brought ?�4,200 ($7,008).

"The condition of the lots is a key factor in gaining prices such as these - the unpunched card, the condition of the card itself and the bubble which the figure is contained within and, of course, the all-important factory seal," explained Vectis' Louise Harker.

"Sometimes all it takes is for two collectors to be missing one figure from their collection to push up the value. There does not seem to be enough of these original Palitoy cards on the open market to satisfy the increasing hunger of Star Wars collectors."

The Palitoy card-backed figures are some of the most valuable on the market, and Vectis Auctions is fast developing a reputation as the number one seller in the UK. In October 2012, the auction house sold the vinyl cape Jawa figure, a renowned rarity, for ?�10,200 ($17,021).

Paul Fraser Collectibles has this fantastic original prop from Star Wars: A New Hope for sale.

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