Rare Tsar Alexander I bronze bust rules at Hermann Historica auction

Hermann Historica's recent sale of militaria and historical objects saw a wide range of objects from Ottoman daggers to German WWII collections, and above all the interest in lots of Russian origin remained unwavering.

It is therefore not surprising that eight of the ten highest acceptances of bids can be found in the subsection Imperial Russia of the militaria catalogue. Well worth noting in this context is an impressive pair of bronze busts portraying Tsar Alexander I and his wife Elizaveta Alekseevna.

The busts were made around 1810 and represent the Tsar in uniform with a sash and the breast star of the Order of St. Anne, the Tsarina in a lace-trimmed, low-cut gown. Introduced at a starting price of 45,000 Euros, these finely sculpted works with original, associated bases bearing fire gilt and crowned double-headed eagles realised 56,000 Euros ($76,000).

Another precious piece comes from the personal surroundings of the imperial family, a pastel from the estate of the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova (1822 - 1892).

Tsar Alexander I Tsarina Elisaveta Alexeevna bronze busts
Tsar Alexander I and Tsarina Elisaveta Alexeevna bronze busts

A finely painted, unsigned child portrait of Queen Marie of Hannover (1818 - 1907) with her sisters Therese (1823 - 1915), Alexandra (Grand Duchess of Russia 1830 - 1911) and Elisabeth (Grand Duchess of Oldenburg, 1826 - 1896).

The 45 x 56 cm sized painting with original gilt frame later passed into Royal Bavarian ownership. The touching child portrait was offered at 3,600 Euros and brought 18,000 Euros.

Also noteworthy are two significant works of famous Russian gun makers: a flintlock sporting musket from the workshop of Ivan Krapiventsov is of museum quality. Made in the Russian city of Tula around 1780, it is very elaborately decorated with silver and gold wire inlays. Offered at a starting price of 50,000 Euros, it achieved 53,000 Euros.

A slightly less adorned flintlock rifle, also decorated with gold inlays, made by the St. Petersburg gun maker Karl Beckmann around 1800, found a new owner for 25,000 Euros.

We've been aware of intense interest in Russian collectibles in recent years. Until recently we were offering the autographs of Catherine the Great, Elizabeth, Czarina of Russia and Leo Tolstoy but unfortunately none of them are still available. Check back soon to see our next exciting offering of Russian collectibles.

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