Video: Michael Jackson's 'lost' Dangerous video - unseen since 1993


A short clip exclusive and unseen two-hours-long footage of Michael Jackson



Unseen videos have cropped up on the collectors markets on a number of occasions in recent times. These have included a lost Charlie Chaplin film unwittingly purchased by an eBay bidder, and a 'Marilyn Monroe pornographic film' widely derided as a fake.

Now Fame Bureau auctioneers is set to do the honours with its upcoming sale on November 26 - although there is no doubt about the authenticity of the film for sale.

The auction will include a previously unseen tour film made by Jackson in 1993, during his mammoth Dangerous tour.

The video was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, yet shelved when the star was apparently unhappy with the finished product - he reportedly went so far as the sack the entire crew.

Jackson later gifted the VHS tape to his Brazilian chauffeur. It is understood to be the only copy of the footage.

The driver - who has chosen to remain anonymous - has also chauffeured famous names including Madonna, former President George Bush Snr and Margaret Thatcher.

The unreleased two-hours-long is estimate at £4m. In other words, the auctioneer is hoping that this film will become the most expensive piece of Jackson memorabilia on the markets.

At present, the most valuable is his red leather jacket worn for director John Landis's 'mini-movie' music video for the 1983 hit single, Thriller.

Meanwhile, Jackson's estate will likely be uhappy with the sale. It previously blocked the showing of the video on YouTube. Although a clip has apparently reappeared on the website to promote the Fame Bureau's upcoming sale.

When the video sells for £4m remains to be see. But, considering taht Jackson's autograph has grown in value by 60% in the last 12 months alone - rising in value from £750 to £1,200 - a chance to own this exclusive video will no doubt attract worldwide demand.

Watch this space for more news on Fame Bureau's sale. In the meantime, you can judge the video for yourself from this small clip (above).

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