Polk & Dallas banner to make in excess of $100,000?

The finest known Polk & Dallas banner from the 1844 US presidential campaign is to cross the block at Heritage Auctions.

The extremely rare lot carries an opening bid of $100,000 ahead of the June 27 sale.

Polk Dallas banner
Polk and Dallas were elected to office in 1845

James Polk took office in March 1845 and was a popular and effective governor. He is best remembered for leading the nation to victory in the Mexican-American war.

Heritage comments: "In his definitive reference work Threads of History, Herb Collins pictured only four Polk political textiles: two flags, a quilt, and this banner. By way of contrast he lists no less than thirty-one examples for Polk's opponent, Henry Clay�Ǫ

"As were all banners of this type, it was handpainted, and the colors are vivid and vibrant. The condition is truly remarkable as well, as good as any political banner of this era we have ever encountered.

"It is also very stable, and not at risk for serious deterioration (unlike the majority of banners of this era, especially those made from silk, which present serious conservation challenges)."

A folk banner depicting Polk and opponent Henry Clay locked in combat is likely to prove another highlight, with an opening bid of $25,000.

It was made by a Clay supporter and displays a short satirical poem: "Thus Polk the scoundrel tries, our tariff low to lay, while to its rescue flies, the gallant Henry Clay."

It references the "Black Tariff", a tax on imports and exports introduced by the previous government, which Polk swiftly overturned.

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