Oskar Schindler documents currently at $21,000 with RR Auction

Two important documents relating to German industrialist Oskar Schindler are selling well at RR Auction, as part of its latest online sale that closes on August 14.

Oskar Schindler signed document
This document dates and verifies the move of Schindler's factory, which was previously thought to have begun later

The documents are currently selling at $20,897. With exceptional content and having attracted much attention, they are expected to soar as the auction draws to its close.

The sale comes just a week after a rare copy of Schindler's list - the document that saved over 1,000 Jews from execution under Hitler's Nazi regime - failed to sell for $3m on eBay.

The two examples at auction are a letter and medical document concerning Adam Dziedzic, an important Polish supervisor at Schindler's factory. They are extremely important to Schindler's story, detailing the move that allowed him to save so many lives.

At the time of the letter, Schindler was employing over 1,000 Jewish workers under an arrangement with Amon Goeth, the leader of the nearby Plaszow concentration camp.

The industrialist had received word that his factory was about the be closed, endangering his employees, and pulled the necessary strings to get permission to move his factory from Krakow to Brunnlitz.

The letter, dated August 22, 1944, gives Dziedzic permission to start moving equipment to the new factory, while the medical transfer document would allow Dziedzic to move safely between the two locations, as Nazis considered Poles to be racially inferior.

The letter bears Schindler's German enamelware factory stamp below the text and has been signed in blue pencil by him. The medical report is similarly stamped and signed by a company representative.

Both documents are in very good condition, and are accompanied by a letter of provenance from Dziedzic's descendants.

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