OJ Simpson’s driving licences selling at SCP Auctions

Two of OJ Simpson’s old driving licenses are selling at SCP Auctions on October 21.


OJ Simpsons licenses

One of the licences was issued to OJ Simpson during his 1995 trial


One of these licenses was issued in 1995, during the former NFL star's first trial for the murder of ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. The other dates to 2000.

SCP spokesman Terry Melia said: "The two different licenses will be auctioned off separately.

"The one that was issued during the trial, in 1995, should certainly attract more bids and thus go for a higher price.

"We have that one estimated to go for $5,000 or more, while the license issued in 2000 has a high estimate of $1,500.”

The consignment was announced just days after his parole hearing for armed robbery on July 21. The former sports star will be released on October 1.

OJ Simpson memorabilia doesn't make for a great investment. Here’s why.

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