OJ Simpson memorabilia exhibition takes place this month

An exhibition of memorabilia from the OJ Simpson murder trial comes to the Coagula Curatorial Gallery in Los Angeles this month.

In 1995 former NFL star Simpson was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and waiter Ronald Goldman.

OJ Simpson tee

The exhibition features 60 T-shirts

The pop-up exhibition, which runs from August 18 to 22, looks to shed light on the public hysteria the trial created.

On display will be 300 objects, including phone cards, board games, watches and 60 bootleg T-shirts.

Adam Papagan, who runs tours of the key sites in the murder case, is the curator of the exhibition.

“The O.J. Trial has been a lifelong obsession of mine," he says. "Everyone knows the media version, but The O.J. Museum is the vernacular of the people.

OJ Simpson phone card

This phone card replicates Simpson's court room plea

"As the world watched the stunning events on television, I could hear the news helicopters hovering above my summer camp a few miles away from Simpson's home in Brentwood. Although I had no idea who OJ Simpson was at the time, I could sense the enormous impact this moment would have on history."

Simpson will be released from prison in October, following his 2008 conviction for armed robbery.

Want your own piece of Juice memorabilia? The Ford Bronco from the low-speed highway chase is on sale at a separate museum – with an asking price of around $700,000.

OJ Simpson knife

The murder weapon has never been found

While OJ Simpson memorabilia may be fascinating, it's a poor investment. Here's why.

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