Nicolae Ceausescu memorabilia auction takes place in Bucharest

A major auction of memorabilia pertaining to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was held in Bucharest on March 26, achieving $54,107.

The collection featured a wealth of artefacts, including Ceausescu's Communist Party card from 1954 that sold for $2,164. A flat cap, which he was regularly pictured wearing, made $378.

Ceacescu auction romania
Ceausescu was a brutal Romanian dictator

Ceausescu (1918-1989) rose to power in 1967 and oversaw one of the most repressive regimes in the Eastern bloc. His policies led to widespread suffering and the decline of the Romanian economy.

In 1989, he was overthrown and tried to escape the capital. He was captured and executed by firing squad on Christmas Day.   

One of the bidders, Mihnea Zigarov, told Ukraine Today: "I am an antiques collector, and some time ago I started to collect communist period objects as they are becoming more and more rare on the market.

"Some of them are really special, even unique. This is still the moment to acquire these kinds of objects as they might become very expensive."

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