Napoleon Bonaparte's batiste shirt to lead sale of his archive

A batiste shirt is among a selection of items from the last days of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) to be offered at Osenat Auction House in France on March 23.

The shirt, which carries a value of $40,770-54,368, was worn by the emperor on May 4, 1821, the day before he died, and features an embroidered "N".

Napoleon Crossing Alps
Napoleon spent the last years of his life in exile on St Helena in the Atlantic

The archive was collected by Napoleon's servant Achille Archambault, who followed him in exile to St Helena - later returning to France.

It has remained in the family ever since, although part of it was auctioned in 1924.

The collection includes a set of sleeves worn by Napoleon on the day he died along with a handwritten letter from Archambault, valued at $10,873-13,592.

A set of bandages used to wipe the sweat from his brow during his final hours carries an estimate of $4,077-6,796.

Other lots offered in the sale include a walking stick and a collection of handkerchiefs.

Memorabilia pertaining to Napoleon retains its popularity due to his enormous influence on history. A copy of his will achieved $482,000 at Drouot in Paris in November last year - a 200% increase on a $160,500 estimate.

We have this fully authenticated strand of Napoleon's hair for sale.

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