Napoleon Bonaparte bicorn hat offered at Christie's

A bicorn hat belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte is set to auction at Christie's London on July 9.

The lot will provide one of the highlights of the Exceptional Sale, with a valuation of ?�300,000-500,000 ($476,796- 794,660).

Bonaparte Hat
Napoleon wore the hat from 1807 onwards

The lot was bought by Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, a Scottish noble, in 1814 - shortly before Napoleon was exiled to St Helena.

Robert Copley of Christie's told Yahoo News UK: "The hat has remained in the Shaw Stewart family since he bought it.

"When dealing with a unique item like this hat is difficult to put a price on it, but we expect a lot of interest."

It's one of a series of pieces from Shaw's collection offered in the sale. Other lots include a bottle of wine from the carriage Napoleon rode to Waterloo and a playing card.  

Copley told the site: "What is interesting is that all of these items were collected by one man between 1814 and 1830. The whole of Europe was fascinated by Napoleon at the time and people continue to be interested in him today."

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