Duke of Wellington cloak to make $48,000 at Sotheby's?

A cloak worn by the Duke of Wellington during the Waterloo campaign is expected to make ?�20,000-30,000 ($31,821-47,732) at Sotheby's.

The lot will lead the English Literature, History, Children's Books & Illustrations auction in London on July 14.

Waterloo cloak sothebys
Wellington gave the cloak to Lady Caroline Lamb in 1815

Sotheby's explains: "This cloak matches both contemporary descriptions of Wellington's garb on campaign and later portraits of him at Waterloo (with slight discrepancies explained below), it is marked with clear signs of use including mud spatters and probably perspiration stains, and is documented from the early 1820s�Ǫ

"The appearance and characteristics of the cloak itself, together with its provenance, leave little doubt that this was a cloak worn by Wellington during the Waterloo campaign, but it remains impossible to be sure whether he wore it on 18 June 1815."

Waterloo gave the cloak to Lady Caroline Lamb after their brief affair in 1815.

Lamb lived a wild life and evidently at some point gave the cloak away to another lover, Antony Carlisle.

From there it passed through various hands before arriving into the possession of the current owner.

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