Lincoln presidential campaign flag to exceed $20,000 at Heritage

A campaign flag carried in the run-up to the 1860 US presidential election, which saw Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamblin triumph at the polls, is valued in excess of $20,000.

The lot will cross the block in Heritage Auctions' July 30 Americana and Political Signature Auction in Dallas.

Lincoln Hamlin president
Lincoln ran for the presidency alongside Hamlin in 1860

The flag reads: "For President, Abram Lincoln. For Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin."

It's thought to have been used in parades held by the Wide Awake marchers, groups of young republicans who would march in torch lit processions in support of their candidates.

Lincoln swept to victory in 1860, leading to the secession of the confederate states and the start of the civil war.

We have this collection of wallpapers scraps from Lincoln's bedroom available.

A button depicting Theodore Roosevelt standing shoulder to shoulder with the labourer and the industrialist is valued in excess of $5,000.

Another example in a slightly higher grade made $8,962 at Heritage in 2009.   

Roosevelt (1858-1919) remains one of the most popular US presidents of all time. In 2011, his Colt Model 1902 revolver sold for $207,000 in a sale at Rock Island Auctions.

A papier-mache snuff box featuring the likeness of president Andrew Jackson is featured with an estimate of more than $4,000.

You can check out all of our US presidential memorabilia here.

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