Chamberlain's Munich flight ticket valued at $26,000 ahead of auction

A September 28, 1938 British Airways ticket used by Neville Chamberlain to fly from London to Munich to meet with Adolf Hitler is valued at ?�12,000-15,000 ($20,585-25,731).

The lot will auction at Spink London on July 18.

Chamberlin BA ticket
Chamberlain used the ticket on his flight to Munich in 1938

The Munich agreement allowed Hitler to reoccupy the Sudetenland on the border with Czechoslovakia in a failed attempt to avoid war within Europe.

On his return, Chamberlain made his famous "Peace for our time" announcement but was forced into the humiliating position of having to declare war against Germany just one year later.

We have this autographed letter from Winston Churchill, who would take the reins from Chamberlain after his death in 1940.

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