Kit Carson signed photo sells for $57k

The Floyd E Risvold collection sale in New York has concluded with a number of exciting results.

An excellent example is the rare carte-de-visite photograph of guide and American Civil War soldier Christopher 'Kit' Carson. Carson is remembered both for acting as a guide to West America for abolitionist John C Fremont and a role assisting James H Carleton in a Unionist campaign.

Guide and Unionist Civil War soldier Christopher Kit Carson
Guide and Unionist soldier Christopher 'Kit' Carson
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The photo shows a stern-looking Carson seated in double-breasted uniform. But the signature is informal, 'Kit Carson', and that makes it distinctly rare, as most of the time he signed himself 'C. Carson'

This particular photo was used by legendary autograph dealer Charles Hamilton in his 1979 standard The Signature of America, emphasising its significance as a classic piece of Americana.

Those attending the auction clearly recognised this, and the $20,000-30,000 estimate was rapidly left behind in a flurry of bids, finally leaving the stage for an impressive $57,500.

Those interested in Civil War autographs will want to take a look at a document signed by Abraham Lincoln, promoting James H Carleton for a mission in the Civil War.



Image: Spink Shreve

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