'History will be kind to me...' - the Top Five Winston Churchill collectibles

"History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it" - Sir Winston Churchill

Did you know, the UK's National Lottery once paid £12.5m for Winston Churchill's personal thoughts - and only months later the historic documents were valued at £40m?

Clearly, political memorabilia is worth a closer look for collectible investment opportunities - and Churchill memorabilia, in particular, offers plenty of possibilities.

But what sort of things should you look out for? Here, we've compiled a list of our top Winston Churchill collectibles, including items which have sold this year, and items that you can get your hands on right now...

Winston Churchill's Havana cigar
Winston Churchill's half-smoked cigar
#5 'An absolutely sacred rite' - his half-smoked cigar (£4,500)

"My rule of life prescribed, as an absolutely sacred rite, smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and - if need be - during all meals, and in the intervals between them" - Winston Churchill

Churchill is remembered worldwide for his prescience in seeing the Nazi threat while others were still looking for peace deals, and also his stirring speeches which inspired British resolve throughout WWII.

He was also famed for his love of cigars - so much so that a type of Cuban cigar is even named after him. Earlier this year, a half-finished cigar which he abandoned to attend an urgent during the early 1940s sold for £4,500.

#4 A signed photo of Churchill in his most recognisable pose (£4,950)

Owning one of the most iconic photographic portraits of Britain's wartime leader is one thing, but how about owning a copy signed by Churchill himself?

This classic image (pictured above) of Sir Winston Churchill shows him in a familiar head and shoulders pose, with bow-tie. Churchill has signed 'Winston S. Churchill' to the lower portion of the photographer's mount.

Meanwhile, a note on the reverse of the frame explains that the photo was sent to a Captain Dunbar in 1951 when Churchill was invited to attend a Reunion Dinner of the Scottish Returned Far East Prisoner of War Association.

The photograph is lightly mounted to an overall size of 5 x 7inches, and is on the market priced at £4,950 - a must-see if you are interested in historic autograph investments.

#3 An old battered and ripped Chesterfield sofa (£7,500)

Churchill's sofa sold for £7,500 at auction, despite an initial estimate of just £80. Amazingly, the sofa was originally destined for the skip but was saved when the brother of the late owner stepped forward with the famous connection.

The battered and ripped Chesterfield was initially found in the shed of a Vicarage in the English county of Northampton, after auctioneers had been asked to undertake a probate valuation.

The initial plan was to dispose of the crumpled old sofa as it was pretty much unusable. However, this plan was reconsidered when the brother remarked: "that's a shame, it once belonged to Winston Churchill."

Thank goodness he thought to mention it...

#2 Churchill's customised dentures ($26,220)

A unique set of dentures once belonging to Winston Churchill  tripled their £5,000 estimate, bringing £17,480 ($26,220), earlier this month. Paul Fraser Collectibles was among the major bidders, but unfortunately we lost out.

Mounted in gold, the dentures were sold by Nigel Cudlipp, the son of the dental technician who originally made them. According to Britain's Sun newspaper, the false teeth even had a slight gap to preserve Churchill's famous trademark lisp.

But congratulations to the lucky buyer - as political memorabilia collecting continues to thrive (indeed, it's the fastest-growing hobby in the USA) the dentures are sure to be a great future investment.


#1 Churchill's answer to Parliamentary questions ($32,925)

Here's an especially valuable piece of Churchill memorabilia which is still available on the markets - an original typescript of Churchill's answer to a Parliamentary question posted by Colonel Lyons, war-dated 10th May 1944.

Lyons's question concerned the supply of material and munitions by Britain to USSR on two pages, war-dated 10th May 1944. More than merely a typed manuscript, the document also bears autographed revisions in Churchill's hand in red ink consisting of 27 words.

The decision by the British Government in August 1941 to send military supplies to her new ally was as much for political reasons and to boost morale as to provide any really significant military assistance - and this historic letter gives a singular and insight into the decision.

The typescript was given by Churchill to Sir Peter Agnew, MP (1900-1990), who served in the Royal Navy. Agnew's copy of his letter of thanks to Churchill, also dated 10 May 1944, accompanies the typescript, which is for sale priced £19,950 ($32,925).


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