Happy birthday, Steve Jobs - whose legacy can still be felt in collectibles

Today is the birthday of a collector whose achievements transformed most people's lives, and will continue to do so after his death from cancer in 2011.

Apple founder Steve Jobs's legacy has already been proven at auction, following last December's sale of the contract which established the first Apple partnership.


Beatles fan Steve Jobs

The contract was signed by Jobs and his partners Steve Wozniak and Ronald G. Wayne on April 1, 1976. It sold for $1.6m at Sotheby's New York.

Jobs himself was no stranger to collecting. It is well-documented that the technology impresario was also a huge Beatles fan. Jobs not only dressed and modelled his hair on the Fab Four in his earlier years, but the group also inspired his business models.

'My model of business is The Beatles'

"The [Fab Four's] total was greater than the sum of the parts - and that's how I see business. [It] is really always a team," Jobs once said.

It's no surprise that Jobs loved collecting music memorabilia. He was a member of the "baby boomer" generation - the people who were aged 8-16 years old when Beatlemania hit America in the 1960s.

Today, "Baby boomers" actually control roughly 80% of the world's wealth. They are living longer, with more disposable income. This is, in turn, driving music memorabilia values up to whole new levels.

These are among the reasons why a Beatles group autograph, ideally on an signed album page, could bring you a 5.29% return pa.

Beatles group autographs could bring you a 5.29% return pa – this group signed postcard is among the Fab Four pieces we have for sale


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Meanwhile, Jobs's achievements are also helping to revolutionise the collectibles markets via our free iPhone app.

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