German Luftwaffe Enigma machine brings $80,000 to Bonhams

A rare German Enigma machine produced for the Luftwaffe in the second world war has sold for ?�47,500 ($79,925) at Bonhams in London.

Enigma machine Bonhams
The Enigma machine was produced for the Luftwaffe in 1941, after it changed from using the more familiar oak cased examples

The three-rotor enciphering machine boasts a special case made of Panzerholz (a metal-wood laminate) in contrast to the normal oak case.

The Luftwaffe - the Nazi air force - traditionally used oak-cased examples like the rest of the Wehrmacht, but changed to the Panzerholz version later in the war.

The cracking of the Enigma code by Alan Turing's team at Bletchley Park enabled the Allies to listen in on Nazi communications and was crucial in the Allied war effort. Codenamed Ultra, the operation was of the utmost secrecy and remained so until long after the war.     

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