George Washington silk banner to beat $62,500?

A huge 1789 silk banner welcoming President George Washington to Boston is valued at upwards of $62,500.

It was one of 50 produced by the tradesmen of the city to celebrate the first presidential visit.

Washington banner 16

This banner is from Washington's first official visit to Boston 

Thousands lined the streets as the procession led Washington to the steps of the State House.  

One account of the visit explains: “Every Profession was distinguished by a white silk flag, of a yard square, on a staff seven feet long, with some emblematical device painted thereon.

“They were numbered from 1 to 50 and being handsomely done, made an agreeable appearance."

This banner is numbered 16 and represents the city’s plumbers and glaziers. It reads “Washington’s Policy”, which is thought to refer to the new president’s unification of America.

This is one of only four survivors from the parade and the only one to reference Washington by name.

It has passed down through the family of the man who carried it, the superbly named Freeman Pulsifer

The auction house comments: “Heritage is proud to have presented over the years many significant historical artifacts, but none more important than the ‘Washington's Policy’ banner.

“It's documented use during George Washington's historic Boston visit, combined with marvelous display presence, make the banner a true national treasure, worthy of the finest private or institutional collection.”

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