George Minot's Nobel Prize to make up to $300,000

A 1934 Nobel Prize presented to George Minot (1885-1950) for his work in the field of medicine is to cross the block at Bonhams.

Valued at $200,000-300,000, the lot is among the highlights of the History of Science and Technology sale in New York on September 21.

George Minot Bonhams
George Minot pioneered a treatment for pernicious anaemia

Minot was awarded the medal for his development of a treatment for the once fatal disease pernicious anaemia.

The cure involved a diet of raw liver. Today the disease is recognised as a vitamin B12 or folate deficiency and is easily treated.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Nobel Prizes heading to auction following the sale of DNA discoverer Francis Crick's medal for the then record price of $2.2m in 2013.

His co-author, James Watson, smashed that record in 2014 when he sold his medal for $4.7m - becoming the first recipient of the prize to sell it in their own lifetime.

Others have included physicist Leon Lederman's 1988 prize, which made $760,000 at Nate D Sanders in May, and chemist Hans Krebs' 1953 prize which sold for ?�275,000 ($430,476) at Sotheby's in July.

The sale will also feature an original Apple-1 computer.

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