Eva Braun's knickers auction for $4,000

A pair of Eva Braun's knickers realised ?�2,900 ($3,617) at Philip Serrell Auctions on November 3.

That's an increase of 544% on a ?�450 ($561) estimate.

Eva Braun knickers
Eva Braun's knickers feature a monogram bearing her initials

The highly unusual lot was retrieved from Hitler's Berghof residence in the Bavarian Alps by a GI, following a raid by US troops in May 1945.

The complex had been destroyed by Allied bombs a month earlier and the remnants were set on fire by the departing SS, but still some of the buildings remained unscathed.

The pants feature the monogram "EB" on the front.

They eclipsed the $2,250 paid for a set of Braun's lingerie at Alexander Historical Auctions last year.

The lot was part of a collection of pieces relating to Braun that were liberated by the same soldier.  

Other items included a silver Italian lipstick case that made ?�360 ($449) and a silver makeup box that realised ?�240 ($299).

Auctioneer Sophie Jones explained prior to the sale: "All of these items belong to a British collector who has had them for many years.

"The undergarments have signs of use but there are no holes and are very clean. They are a very pale lilac and have faded with age.

Eva Braun was Hitler's long term partner, although her existence was kept secret until after the war.

Hitler believed that by appearing single he could present himself as a chaste and moral figure, driven solely by his passion for the nation and the German people.

The couple committed suicide together as the Russian tanks rolled into Berlin.

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