Eva Braun knickers offered in November 3 auction

A pair of Eva Braun's knickers is to sell at Philip Serrell Auctions on November 3, with an estimate of up to ?�450 ($552).

The unusual lot is offered as part of a collection of memorabilia dedicated to the first lady of the Third Reich.

Eva Braun knickers
An American GI took the collection after a raid on the Berghof  

An American GI liberated the pants (and the other items) following a raid on the Berghof, Hitler's holiday home in the Bavarian Alps.

They feature a monogram on the front bearing Braun's initials.

Other lots in the collection include a stick of lipstick, a ring and a pendant.

Auctioneer Sophie Jones explained: "All of these items belong to a British collector who has had them for many years.

"The undergarments have signs of use but there are no holes and are very clean. They are a very pale lilac and have faded with age.

"There is a market for this sort of thing that exists and it will be very interesting to see who they end up selling to."

This isn't the first time that a piece of Braun's lingerie has crossed the block.

A matching bra and pants combo, also displaying a monogram, made $2,250 at Alexander Historical Auctions last year.

Eva Braun and Hitler began their relationship in the early 1930s.  

It was kept secret from the German public to project the idea that Hitler was a chaste and incorruptible leader focused solely on improving the nation.    

They married in the Fuhrerbunker at midnight on April 29, 1945, as the Red Army closed in Berlin.

A few hours later they took their own lives (he with a gun, she with a cyanide capsule).

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