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  • 'Chaplin was sent to Earth to teach us about the future,' says internet buzz
  • Post author
    Will Davison
  • Chaplinsenttowas

'Chaplin was sent to Earth to teach us about the future,' says internet buzz

It's often said that conspiracies are a fun way to keep our minds of the real issues in the world. Well here's a good one...

An internet sensation has been caused by a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film which allegedly shows a woman walking down a street in the 1920s while talking on a mobile phone.

The woman can be seen carrying and apparently talking into the device before entering a cinema to watch the premiere of Chaplin's then newly-released film, The Circus.

Naturally, the footage has stirred much internet debate. Is it a time traveller, or part of a time travel conspiracy? Did mobile phone technology exist in the 1920s, which the government then covered up?

Or, to paraphrase one YouTube poster, is it just a crazy old woman talking into a slipper?

Some people have even suggested that Chaplin himself is otherworldly and came to Earth to show us the future. The internet really does attract all sorts...

Despite the efforts of a young movie fan named George Clarke, who's apparently spent a year of his life trying to make sense of the footage, the mystery remains unsolved.

Chaplin: popular among time-
travellers, apparently

Naturally, Clarke has come to the conclusion that the video is "irrefutable proof" that time travel is possible. Above, you can watch zoomed-in footage of the woman and decide for yourself.

What's more, this isn't the first time that a Chaplin video has caused excitement....

Last year, an eBay buyer was shocked to discovered that his purchase, a battered container with an "old film" inside, contained a lost Charlie Chaplin film.

The film inside his £3.30 ($5) purchase was titled Charlie Chaplin in Zepped - an unseen movie starring the early cinema legend.

The buyer, Morace Park, could find no mention of the film on the Internet. So he teamed up with his neighbour, a former head of education at the British Board of Film Classification, to unravel its mystery.

Following analysis by film and Chaplin experts, was later valued at an incredible £40,000 ($64,000).


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  • Post author
    Will Davison
  • Chaplinsenttowas