Cassandre Triplex poster provides iconic automobilia highlight at $15,000

An original "Triplex" poster by one of the most influential poster designers of the 20th century, AM Cassandre, is one of the top lots in Heritage Auctions' Automobilia Signature Auction on May 29 in Dallas.

Cassandre's posters are some of the most iconic images of the 1920s/1930s

Created in 1931, the poster was likely created for the Triple land speed record car, and is a superb example of Cassandre's pioneering style.

A perfect addition to the wall of any car collector's garage, the poster is expected to sell for more than $15,000.   

Also starring in the sale is a board from the Talbot car company's London headquarters that displays 148 bronze, silver and enamel badges won by Talbot and their clients throughout the 1906-1907 racing season.

Including a photograph of the trophies that were won alongside the medals, the board was commissioned by Talbot to display the company's achievements. It's estimated to sell for more that $9,000 come sale day.

One of the most exciting lots in the sale - valued at $6,500+ - is a 1921 Oldsmobile child's pedal toy car which has been professionally restored. Made with a  steel and wood frame, it features a hand operated klaxon horn, drum headlamps and ever a rear fuel tank.

As the collector car market continues to gain value and media attention, the market for automobilia is on the rise. For many, collecting automobilia is an extension of their car collection.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a superb selection of racing memorabilia for sale, including top Formula One items.

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