Billy the Kid banknote valued at just $375

An 1874-1876 US 10c banknote said to have been found on the body of Billy the Kid (1859-1881) has turned up in Bristol, UK.

It was found by a local woman, who was clearing out the home of her recently deceased father.

The note is accompanied by a letter, dating from around the time of Billy’s death.

Billy Kid banknote

This note is believed to have been recovered from Billy the Kid's body

It explains the note was recovered from the outlaw’s body by Yginio Salazar, a member of his gang.

Andrew Stowe, of East Bristol Auctions, which is auctioning the banknote, told the Daily Mirror: "We have spent six months trying to research the note but like with most things related to Billy the Kid, nothing can really be proven for sure and you are left with best guesses.

"So much of the known Billy the Kid history is based on assumption, folklore or hearsay that there are really no facts surrounding his death.

"All I would say is the bank note and note accompanying it are consistent with the date and age and the story in the letter does make sense.”

With the authenticity of the banknote so difficult to prove, it's offered with an estimate of just £200-300 ($250-375) ahead of the February 24 auction.

Stowe explained: "It is a very difficult item to value. If we valued it too high then people will assume it is real and too low and people will automatically consider it a fake.

"If it is genuine then this could be one of the most significant pieces of Billy the Kid memorabilia to ever surface."

In 2011, the only known photograph of Billy the Kid sold for $2.3m at Brian Lebel’s Old West Show and Auction in Colorado.

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