Bill Clinton's Toshiba laptop to exceed $10,000 at RR Auction?

Bidding on a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop, used by Bill Clinton to send the first presidential email, stands at $10,000 at RR Auction's April 16-ending auction.

Clinton used the laptop to send an email to astronaut John Glenn in 1998, who was orbiting the Earth on the space shuttle Discovery.

Toshiba Satellite Bill Clinton
Clinton used the laptop to send his first presidential email

The email was written in response to Glenn and reads in part: "Thanks for your message. Hillary and I had a great time at the launch�ǪAt a camp rally in Queens, I asked an 83 year old lady what she thought of your trip.

"She replied that it seemed like a perfectly fine thing for a young man like you to do! I hope your last few hours go well. Give my best to the rest of the crew."

Glenn was 77 at the time, orbiting Earth as part of NASA's STS-95 mission. He remains the oldest person to ever travel in to space.

The email is saved to the hard drive and backed up on a floppy disk.

Also included is an official press release and a signed photo of the president using the computer.

Clinton was famously averse to using email during his presidency, citing security concerns. He commented in 2000: "I e-mailed John Glenn in space. And I e-mailed some Marines and sailors on a ship at Christmas. That was it."

The laptop was offered in an eBay auction in 2012 but failed to sell.

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