Abraham Lincoln supporters' banner sells for $106,000

An Abraham Lincoln supporters' banner headlined a sale at Heritage Auctions on May 18.

The lot sold for $106,250 in an auction of political memorabilia and Americana in Dallas. It beat the previous record for a Lincoln campaign flag, set at $83,650 in 2007, by 27%.

Lincoln campaign banner
The Lincoln campaign banner was flown in the 1864 election

It was produced for the 1864 US presidential election and advertises the virtues of Lincoln and his vice presidential candidate Andrew Johnson.

Heritage explained prior to the sale: "No category of political campaign memorabilia is more highly prized than the 1860 and 1864 flags supporting Lincoln's candidacy.

"Such a unique artifact is very difficult to value. Other varieties of Lincoln portrait flags have been traded, publicly and privately, mostly for prices ranging from $50,000 to nearly $200,000 over the past decade."

The banner is one of a handful of examples that show Lincoln's portrait, further increasing its value.

A tobacco store Indian in the style of Julius Melchers also sold well, with a final bid of $45,000.

It depicts Chief Red Jacket, the Seneca diplomat who negotiated the treaty of Canandaigua in 1794.

The auction record for a cigar store Indian stands at $675,000 for the Indian Princess, a model attributed to Samuel Robb or Thomas Brooks.

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