A 'magic formula' to hunt collectibles that gain value...

Movie memorabilia has to be old in order to be valuable... Right?

Like Herman Mankiewicz's 1941 Oscar for his screenplay for Citizen Kane which, as I wrote last week, sold for more than $0.5m in LA?

Or Charlie Chaplin's 'first" bowler hat, which auctioned for nearly $19,000 in New York?

Actually, no it doesn't...

'New' collectibles have their own strengths.

Just look at next month's upcoming sale at the Chicago's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, for instance.

A robotic suit from Iron Man 2, starring Robert Downey Jr, could bring $60,000 (£37,500) at the event. And a screen-worn outfit from the Captain America movie is expected to bring $20,000 (£12,500).

You might notice that both films came out recently. Iron Man 2 was released in 2010, and Captain America: The First Avenger hit cinemas in 2011.

So, would I recommend these collectibles?

Yes I would. There are two reasons why...

Firstly, the Iron Man and Captain America films are new. But the characters certainly aren't - much like James Bond...

Iron Man actually made his debut comic book appearance in 1963, in Tales of Suspense #39. A copy sold for $56,763 in May of last year.

As for Captain America... His 1941 debut adventure, Captain America #1, brought $96,686 at a 2006 auction. It could be worth even more today...

Both outsold Chaplin's hat!

My point is, both characters are firmly established in pop culture. After all, that's why Marvel made its 2010-2011 movies in the first place.

As for my second reason...

It's all about 'the buzz'

By this, I mean 'the buzz' in present-day pop culture. Buzz helps auctioneers hype their sales. It increases global buyer interest. And buzz helps push bids to new levels.

Like with $0.5m sale of Herman Mankiewicz's Oscar.

The auction was cleverly timed - it coincided with present-day buzz about the 2012 Academy Awards.

Legacy + buzz = a 'magic formula' for collectors

This 'magic equation' isn't just limited to comic book memorabilia.

How about Marilyn Monroe? She's having a big year in 2012.

Actress Michelle Williams won a 'Best Actress' Golden Globe for her starring performance in My Week With Marilyn. (Did you know Marilyn Monroe won the same award in 1960 for Some Like It Hot?)

More Monroe-related films are in the pipeline. And Marilyn's autographs have risen in value by, on average, 7.82% per annum between 2000-2011.

Or how about music memorabilia?

Barely a week goes by without some kind of buzz surrounding the Beatles. (Search for John Lennon news in Google today to see what I mean...)

And Sir Paul McCartney celebrates his 70th this year - expect plenty of buzz to surround that.

Elsewhere, Madonna has a new album out soon.

And Forbes has reported on an upcoming Bob Dylan release which promises to be the "Ultimate Box Set". And, like McCartney and Madonna, Bob is still wowing concert crowds each year.

With all the buzz surrounding these stars, their collectibles are going up in value...

·         Madonna signed photo - up 6.15% between 2010-2011

·         John Lennon signed album page - up 5.04% between 2010-2011

·         Sir Paul McCartney signed photo - up 16.67% between 2010-2011

·         Bob Dylan signed photo - up 117.9% between 2000-2011.

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