A woman from Alabama has snapped up the opportunity to join the table with Sarah Palin, in the online auction we previously reported.

Cathy Maples of Huntsville, AL paid $68,500 for the privilege, which also allows her to bring five guests.

This is all subject to Palin's acceptance of the guests on grounds of "...subjective standards of suitability, professionalism, background and other factors."

Maples owns her own defence-contracting company, and says she is a firm supporter of the military, so the veteran's charity which will receive the auction money should be to her liking.

Palin herself has a son who has been deployed in Iraq.

Maples also says she is a "big advocate" of Palin and wants to see her as President.

This is generally thought to be less likely now than a year ago, but the winning bid certainly reflects how much people value the chance to get close to those who near or reach the top of the top of America's political ladder.

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