Exemplary Bravery honoured in Plymouth

Awards include the second ever MC awarded to a woman

High School dig yields Civil War memorabilia

New Jersey find includes buttons for the first President worth five figure sums

Largest ever cache of Jewish coins discovered

'Excellent condition' coins, pottery and weapons from Third Jewish-Roman War found in a cave in Israel

Vietnamese weapons to appear in museum

'Home-made, primitive weapons' used against US and France show 'unique military-cultural heritage of Vietnam'

Iraq hero's medal to be sold

Medal won for remarkable act of bravery will be sold for at least �60,000 for the benefit of his family

The FBI Stolen Valor case squad

Falsely claiming to be decorated is now a crime in itself...

Remembrance of a hero

Medals and Memorabilia connected with a WWII soldier and PoW have come up for auction

100,000 PoW records released online

The records of WWII prisoners including royalty and a James Bond actor are now accessible on a website

Pet's bravery recalled

A medal in recognition of animal valour has surfaced on a BBC show

'Unsung hero of Battle of Britain' for sale

One of the most versatile fighter planes of WWII can be yours for AU$2-4m

Last Tommy's medals go on display

Harry Patch's medals have been showcased at a museum he favoured

Coin museum goes on road trip

Vast collection of coins, medals and banknotes to be shown in travelling exhibition

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