The largest ever cache of rare coins from the time of the last Jewish revolt against the Romans has been uncovered, in a cave near Jerusalem.

Archaeologists in Israel discovered 120 gold, silver and bronze coins as well as pottery and weapons, according to Agence France Presse (AFP).

The discovery was may in a cave in the Judaean Hills near Jerusalem. The cave served as a hiding place for Jewish fighters during the Bar Kokhba revolt (132-136 CE).

The find was announced by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Wednesday.

"This discovery verifies the assumption that the refugees of the revolt fled to caves in the centre of a populated area in addition to the caves found in more isolated areas of the Judaean Desert," said Amos Frumkin of the Hebrew University.

Most of the coins are in excellent condition.

They, "were overstruck as rebels' coins on top of Roman coins," with imprints showing Jewish images and words such as the facade of the Temple in Jerusalem and the slogan "for the freedom of Jerusalem," said the university in a statement.

Bar-Kokhba coins of this quality and quantity have never before been discovered in one location, said the University.

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